Our Games

The game that brings you closer and pushes you apart! Join the wackiest family in the universe! Prove your oh-so-important point by pushing each other, or work together as only a family can.

Push Your Family is a local (and possibly onlinemultiplayer party game with wacky physics, that can be enjoyed by gamers and non-gamers alike. Pick up a controller and play one of the many game modes. No tutorial needed!

The family might go on a road trip in an update down the line, where they have to join forces and be an actual family for once!

Pick up and play! 

No tutorial neededEnjoy a simple control scheme. You only need one joystick and button to start pushing. It is very easy to learn so that everybody can join in!

Master your movement

The controls are quite simple. However, we made sure you can do a whole lot with them. Combine them to jump further, kick people away, or impress others with a backflip!

Outsmart your friends

Use the interactive battlegrounds in your favor. Learn the delays, or simply push your family members where they don’t belong!

About Us

Meteor Mug is a small indie studio based in The Netherlands, focusing on creating fun and approachable games with a polished look and feel.

The main reason why we make games is that we want to make people happy and give them a laugh. This is why we are very driven to make Push Your Family as fun as it can be. To achieve this, we need a community that we can listen to so that we can verify that we are truly making something that not only makes us smile!